‘Method 2’ the Saddle Hunting Madness


Tree saddles are proven to increase your opportunities, and Latitude Outdoors has made it even easier.

Photos courtesy of Latitude Outdoors

By Brian K. Strickland – North American Whitetail

While hang-ons, climbers and ladder treestands have been the gold standard for decades now when it comes to bowhunting whitetails, a new standard has risen to the top for many new and established bowhunters. Being in my early 50s and bowhunting for nearly half of those years, I guess that I would fall into the established crowd. And although I have largely used traditional treestand methods and tactics to find my share of bowhunting success, hunting from a saddle the past few seasons has opened up a whole new world for me and a growing number in the bowhunting community.

When it’s time to drop the string, I don’t believe there is anything more versatile today than bowhunting from a tree saddle. There really is nothing quite like it, and once you understand just how effective and efficient they can be for the bowhunter, it’s hard to argue against that. Don’t get me wrong, I still hunt from traditional treestands and always will, but sometimes certain situations demand a different approach, and that’s where a saddle, and its other must-have components, outperform traditional methods.

Without question, the biggest benefit of a saddle would have to be mobility. As a western bowhunter, mobility is a natural aspect of the process, but in the whitetail woods, it can be a double edge sword. Move too much and every deer on the farm will know the gig is up. But there are times when quiet mobility is a must if you expect to find success, so having the right tools that allow you to sneak in and out unnoticed is where hunting from a saddle outperforms traditional methods. With the use of a saddle, the whole idea that your first hunt in a given spot is your best is taken to another level when you consider all the benefits that hunting from a saddle offers. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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