What Does Bear Meat Taste Like? It’s Delicious


Bear meat sometimes gets a bad rap. But if you cook it right, it’s really good. We promise

Bears that have been eating grasses and forbes will usually have good-tasting meat and fat. Brittany / Adobe Stock

By Matthew Every – Field & Stream

What does bear meat taste like? Well, it can be a little hard to imagine without picturing a dish of prepared bear. So, how about marinated bear steak with vegetable kabobs? That’s what’s in the photo above, from a recipe featured on the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources website. Looks good, right?

Or how about Black Bear Osso-Bucco? Or maybe Sweet & Sour Bear Pot Roast? A little Bear Gumbo, anybody? These and other recipes are all in the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife Black Bear Recipe Guide. The Garden State is home to a lot of bears, and maybe your home state is, too. But if you haven’t hunted them yet because you’re concerned about what the meat will taste like, well, don’t let that stop you. Bear meat really good if you cook it right. Bear meat is also nutritious, packing 20 grams of protein and 7.2 milligrams of iron per 100 grams. Whether you’re hunting in the spring or fall, try bagging a bear this season, and you’ll have a freezer full of high-quality meat. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL POST

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