What Is a Group of Deer Called?


Yes, a group of deer is called a “herd.” But not so fast—it’s called several other things too

By Scott Bestul – Field & Stream

Welcome to the fascinating and, to some, confusing world of multiple deer. While everyone seems to know what to call one deer, a surprisingly large number of people seem to have trouble when there are more than one. If you’re are a regular F&S reader, this isn’t a problem for you, but we’re betting that know someone who says, or have at least heard someone say, “deers.” So, for them, we are here to help answer the question, what is a group of deer called?

The preferred plural of deer is “deer.” And a group of deer is generally called a “herd.” This holds true for all of the North American deer species and subspecies. A group of whitetail deer is a herd just the same as a group of mule deer, blacktail deer, or Coues deer. It even holds true when the deer species is not called a deer. A group of elk, caribou, or moose (all of which are part of the deer family) are all herds. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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