10 Things Broke Hunters Still Have Money For


By Brodie Swisher / Bowhunting.com

Hunting ain’t cheap. In fact, the passionate pursuit of wild game can financially break a man in a hurry. I say, “man,” because women tend to display better judgement when it comes to the hunting products they purchase. 

Men are much different. If there’s money in the bank, or dollar bills in our wallet, we’ll likely find some type of hunting gear we can’t live without. 

Some hunters are obviously worse than others when it comes to the money spent on hunting gear. If you find yourself struggling with the decision to feed the family, or buy hunting gear, it’s safe to say, you’ve got a problem. And as they say, the hardest part is admitting it.  

Regardless of whether you struggle slightly or have a serious problem with your spending on gear, we’re pretty sure you (or your family) have probably struggled with the purchase of the items below. Here’s a look at 10 items broke hunters still have money for. CONTINUE READING

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