22 ARC Review: Shooting Hornady’s New Hot Rod Coyote, Deer, Varmint and Target Round


The 22 ARC blends new bullet technology with Modern Cartridge Design to get .22-250 Remington performance from AR-15 rifles

By John B. Snow – Outdoor Life

The 22 ARC is an interesting cartridge that occupies a specific niche. The promise it makes is to deliver .22-250 Remington performance from a round that feeds through AR-15 pattern rifles and magazines.

In addition, it has a case design that accommodates heavy-for-caliber .224 bullets that are optimized for long-range shooting and hunting medium sized game.

It has a couple other tricks up its sleeve, too. The cartridge is tuned to work well in certain competitive shooting games—think run-and-gun sniper matches—and for hunting predators at night with thermals. 

The 22 ARC is going to have to fight for its place at the table, however. The field of high performance .22-caliber centerfire cartridges is crowded and includes beloved classics like the .22-250 Remington and .223 Remington, as well as relative newcomers like the 22 Nosler, 22 Creedmoor, and 224 Valkyrie. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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