6 Forward-Facing Sonar Baits To Help You Catch More Fish


Love it or hate it, FFS is becoming a big trend—and these high-tech lures are designed to take advantage of it

By Alice Jones Webb – Field & Stream

To say I’m excited about forward-facing sonar lures would be an understatement. Last month, I had the chance to test out some of the newly released high-tech baits from Berkley Fishing and I was hooked (pun intended). As such, I was inspired to do some digging and find what else is out there in the world of FFS baits. While there isn’t a ton yet, the trend is quickly growing, as more and more anglers like myself see the value in the sophisticated technology.

A slew of new baits have hit the market in recent years, all engineered to work in tandem with FFS. These baits are not only designed for high visibility on sonar displays but also to stay in the strike zone longer so you can ultimately catch more fish.

If you’re as into it as I am, here are a few of the best foward-facing sonar lures. They drive fish wild, whether or not you can see it play out on a high-res touchscreen display. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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