Best Wading Boots of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

The Korkers River OPS uses BOA laces and interchangeable outsoles. Ryan Chelius

By Ryan Chelius / Field & Stream

My first pair of wading boots lasted me over five years. When I hung them up for good, the reglued soles were falling off again. But I was a broke college grad who thought money could be better spent on more “practical” things like fly rods and fancy fishing apparel. I was wrong. Wading boots are one of the most essential pieces of gear fly anglers will own, and every fisherman should invest in a quality pair.

There’s more that goes into choosing wading boots than just finding the right size. You must consider weight, materials, traction, sole type, and lacing. Plus, the boots should be comfortable and durable enough to last season after season. Of course, personal preference also factors in. Some anglers prefer studded rubber soles over felt soles, and others prefer laces over BOAs. But no matter what features the boots have, they still have a job to do: Keep you sure-footed and safe while wading.

I’ve spent the last seven years wearing several different wading boots in various conditions and locations across the country. This includes hundreds of miles that resulted in worn-out soles, brutal falls, broken laces, and tired feet. But this extensive trial and error process led me to find the safest and most comfortable pairs. Here are the best wading boots for every fishing scenario you will encounter. CONTINUE READING

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