GOAT Multi-Tool Review: A Capable, Customizable Winner — With a Few Caveats


The world’s first fully customizable multitool is a bohemian new kid offering progressive engineering, unparalleled flexibility, and unadulterated drip — but with a few fresh-faced growing pains and handling peculiarities.

(Photo/Ian Graber-Stiehl)

By Ian Graber-Stiehl – GearJunkie.com

I’m never satisfied. I pack and repack my bags for ever-slimmer margins of improved gear accessibility. My camp cook set has half a dozen DIY firestarters, each theoretically better than the last. I completely regrind every knife I own, and I often swap or modify handles.

After all, if my EDC blade doesn’t sport a microbeveled, mirror-polished edge, aftermarket ceramic bearings, and a hand-contoured, gold-inlay carbon fiber handle (this is an actual description of my EDC Zero Tolerance 0452 CF) — is it truly optimized?

Who knows many times I’ve thought, “If only my (insert EDC here) could do this!” There is a reason I write for GearJunkie. I’m a gear nerd and knife fanatic. So, I must admit some bias: I am exactly the kind of person that GOAT Tool’s Multi-tool was made for.

I’ve dreamed of a customizable multitool for ages. I’ve swapped features on other standbys for years. However, the GOAT is the first multitool where every tool, besides the pliers, can be fully and easily swapped. With a little bit of planning, and without any other tools, you can have a multitool loadout customized to your needs. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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