Ultimate Tackle Storage Secrets Anglers Can’t Resist!


By Brian Carter – The Bass Cast

Fishing can be a gear-heavy endeavor and an angler’s tackle box often becomes a chaotic collection of hooks, lures, and lines. Over time, tackle storage has become a significant issue for most anglers. I remember my first Plano box. Too rudimentary, if you ask me. From the Original Stowaway boxes to the modern Edge and Frabill series, Plano succeeded in providing every possible solution to every possible storage problem an angler could face over the past decades. However, navigating the thorny paths of what to buy for optimal tackle storage and answering the question, “Is spending extra money for lure care worth it?” can be daunting.

In recent years we have witnessed a surge of companies promising to revolutionize tackle storage, with Lure Lock and Buzbe standing out. Critics often lump them as a “fad”—but let’s dive deeper into the reasons behind their emergence. I see three main reasons; evolving angler demands, a thirst for uniqueness, and a justification for higher pricing. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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