Dr. Grant Woods on What Hunters Should Know About the Rut, Weather, and Deer Activity


Forget about moon phases and focus on the weather conditions that give you an advantage as a hunter

By Alex Robinson / Outdoor Life

During the whitetail pre-rut and rut, hunters should worry less about the type of weather that will “get deer moving” and focus more on weather conditions that will help us hunt more effectively. That’s one of my takeaways from interviewing Dr. Grant Woods, a renowned wildlife researcher and diehard deer hunter. Woods and his crew publish excellent informational hunting content on his website, Growing Deer TV

I interviewed him on Halloween just as a spectacular cold front was sinking into the heart of deer country. But if you didn’t kill your target buck during that front, don’t worry. The hunting is still getting better, Woods says. You can listen to my full interview with Woods in the podcast episode below. And read on to learn Woods’ other tips for understanding the rut, weather, and deer activity. CONTINUE READING

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