Expert Patience: What You Need To Take A Trophy

Alan was willing to do whatever it took to allow this buck to reach maturity. He even avoided going on the property for a whole season. Photo courtesy of Alan Bullard

By Clifford Neames – North American Whitetail

Getting emotional is understandable when talking about huge bucks. Alan Bullard’s hunt for a giant whitetail he named Carl was a roller coaster of excitement, and his voice quivered as he relayed the details.

The story begins with Alan on vacation in 2020. He was afield with a video camera when he saw a young deer that had the “right look.” Kansas has a well-deserved reputation for producing trophy bucks, and this one was off to a good start.

“At first glance I knew he was going to be somebody,” Alan explains. “He just looked special!”

The next year, the buck jumped into the 140s. And since Alan wanted to see where this could go, he stayed off the property all season. “He was beginning to show real potential as a 4-year-old,” Alan recalls. “I really wanted to leave him undisturbed.” KEEP READING

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