Gear Essentials for Hunting the Early Rut


As the rut prepares to peak, old- and new-school gear and tactics can help you score big.

By Lynn Burkhead / Game & Fish Magazine

For deer hunters sitting in a treestand, the waning days of October are a period of transition from mild, colorful days to a more subdued scene as wind blows from the north and a chill develops in the air.

Mind you, hunters sitting 20 feet up in a tree aren’t the only ones noticing this shift from October to November. White-tailed deer respond to the shortening days and increasing weather changes as the annual deer rut nears.

And with it there’s a shift in strategy from hunting early season patterns centered around food to tactics exclusive to the rut. There’s a lot to consider for rut hunting, not the least of which is gear. CONTINUE READING ARTICLE

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