Hornady’s Hot New Cartridge: The 22 ARC


The ultimate varmint hunting cartridge is born.

By Colton Heward / Petersen’s Hunting

Innovation in the gun and ammunition space over the past decade has been exponential, continually pushing the limits of precision and lethality. Hornady’s newly released .22 ARC cartridge is no different, providing predator hunters and target shooters a superior .22 caliber cartridge designed to deliver greater down range velocity, wind deflection, and energy transfer at extended distances than the hailed Godfather of predator cartridges, the .22-250 Remington.

The .22 ARC cartridge was meticulously designed with the same chamber geometry as the proven 6mm ARC, 6.5 Creedmoor, and PRC family of cartridges. Following the legacy of the 6mm ARC, “the .22 ARC is purpose built to fit, feed and function in the AR-15 platform but is equally at home in a bolt-action rifle,” said Seth Swerczek, Marketing Communication Manager at Hornady. Prior to launch, more than two dozen rifle manufacturers have jumped on board to build and offer both AR-15 and bolt-action rifles chambered in .22 ARC. Given Hornady’s successful track record of cartridge launches, there will be many more to follow. READ ON

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