Solid Reliability to Send It: Hamskea Everest Arrow Rest Review


A premium arrow rest at a moderate price: The Hamskea Everest Arrow Rest has landed.

IMAGE: Hamskea

By Josh Kirchner – Gear Junkie

The importance of a good arrow rest is something I personally feel is overlooked. This is essentially the hand that guides your arrow on the path to success downrange. In no way should it be looked at as “that thing your arrow sits on.”

It needs to be durable, hold its position, and have repeatable functionality. Hamskea Archery Solutions is no stranger to building arrow rests that check all these boxes, and the new Everest arrow rest is no exception to the rule.

In short: It may not have micro-adjust windage/elevation, but the Everest from Hamskea is about as reliable and solid as an arrow rest can get at a moderate price point. Bowhunters will appreciate this piece of arrow-launching gear. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL POST

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