Top 8 Gifts For Bass Fishermen and Fisherwomen


Finding the perfect birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas, or Father’s Day gift for your favorite bass angler used to be difficult. Here are 8 items I promise you any bass angler would love!

By Kurt Mazurek – Men’s Journal

Birthday? Anniversary? Father’s Day? Graduation? Christmas? Are you trying to find the perfect gift for someone who’s obsessed with bass fishing? As one of the obsessed myself, I applaud the idea, but I also understand how difficult that project can seem. Once anglers get dialed in to their personal fishing approaches, they can become difficult for non-anglers to know what they want, or at least what they might like.

Sure, you could settle with a gift card from Bass Pro Shop or Tackle Warehouse. While no angler I know would be upset with that gift, it really does lack the personal touch of a thoughtfully chosen gift.

But, I’m here to help. As a lifelong bass guy and industry insider, I can assure you there are some items that will be universally appreciated by all bass anglers. Following is a list of my top 8, slam dunk, of-course-they’ll-like/need-one-of-those, bass fishing gift ideas. And everything on the list is well under $200, and several items are less than $60. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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