Using Flashlight To Get To Deer Stand – What Colors Can Deer See


By Alex David / Tree Stand Ranger

Hunters mostly avoid lights to refrain from spooking deer. However, using a flashlight to reach the deer stand in the dark can prove very helpful. In some low light hunting situations, a flashlight comes in handy. It’s a problem solving device that comes to help from beyond. 

There have been long debates about whether deer are spooked by it. Also, which light color does so, and what color flashlight to use?

To answer it all, deer have very sensitive eyesight to the light. They can see the light from miles away. There is a debate about which color spectrum deer has more orientation. 

To my understanding, the colors have much more effect in helping them detect motion in woods. The blues, whites, and reflective colors of clothing don’t blend in the environment, leading to help them detect anything moving. Don’t wear any jeans or any shade of blue. CONTINUE READING

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