What Should be in a Fly Fishing Everyday Carry


It’s important to have a back up plan to handle minor emergencies so you can keep on fly fishing

By Ken Baldwin / Men’s Journal

Over the years, I have learned to carry what I call a Fly Fishing Survival Kit. Not a Doomsday-Prepper-type kit, but by “survival,” I mean items that can save you from minor but trip-ruining events during a fly fishing trip.

A Kit Built from Experience and Time

It’s a small kit, about the size of an overstuffed wallet. I’m not putting a lot in there. What goes into this kit has been tested with time and experience. Usually, that experience is something that has already happened once while fly fishing, and I wasn’t able to fix the situation because I wasn’t prepared. So I went home and made sure it wouldn’t happen again by acquiring and adding the remedy to my “fly fishing survival” kit for the next time it happens. Experience can be a cruel teacher. READ FULL STORY

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