Shot Placement Tips for Hunting Whitetails


Making the shot count isn’t easy, especially during the rut, but with the right information it’s much more likely to happen.

By Josh Honeycutt / Game & Fishing Magazine

Deer hunting has many different facets of knowledge, and each of these is very important to achieving overall success. But understanding deer shot placement—and knowing where to shoot a deer—might just be the most important of all. Because without that key piece of information, you won’t be prepared to make a well-placed shot and get a clean kill.

Deer Anatomy Explained

The vital discussion begins with internal whitetail anatomy. Knowing where the major aiming organs are located, such as the heart and lungs, is crucial. Knowing where other non-aiming organs, including the liver, paunch (stomach), intestines, etc., is important, too. As is understanding spinal alignment, circulatory system placement and the location of other things that can lead to a lethal shot but aren’t targeted when settling the sights. FULL ARTICLE

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