IMAGE: MeatEater

By Adam Moore / MeatEater

Whitetail hunters—including myself—like comfort. Sure, we might brave frigid temps or hike miles in the dark through a swamp, but not after spending thousands on hunting clothing, insulated boots, and ultra-comfortable tree saddles. These things aren’t bad, and I personally don’t hit the woods without them, but they can be stumbling blocks for success in the whitetail woods. Just like hunting with the same tactics or the same stands season after season will likely lead you to the same results.

I’m pretty sure this is why a lot of hunters either neglect or underutilize still-hunting. It forces us to change plans, think strategically about our every move, and put ourselves in vulnerable positions to make shots. Not to mention, it breaks a lot of beliefs the whitetail industry claims as gospel. In short, it can be uncomfortable. And while you might not punch your tag while still-hunting, there are plenty of reasons why you should add it to your strategy this fall. Here are a few: KEEP READING

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