5 Times for All-Day Sits in the Deer Woods


Sitting in a treestand or blind for more than 10 hours takes grit and willpower, but it could be the ticket to killing a big white-tailed buck.

By Darron McDougal / HuntStand

A high percentage of deer hunters hunt only mornings and afternoons. Those are productive times to hunt, and they’re when the primary deer movements usually transpire, even during the rut. But have you ever wondered what you’re missing by skipping all-day sits in the deer woods? Tremendous bucks are annually killed between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. In fact, I shot my largest whitetail ever right at noon. Yes, you could be missing big-buck encounters by leaving your stand.

The reasons hunters leave the woods before midday vary. Some have other obligations, and that’s a part of life. Some get hungry and head for the local diner for a big breakfast and piping-hot coffee. Others become cold and leave the woods to thaw out. And others simply get bored and want a break. Some of those reasons have solutions, but we’ll get to that toward the end of the article.

Now, do you think you’re ready to give all-day hunts a whirl and see what you’ve been missing? Here are some considerations to guide you. Let’s review. READ ON

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