Hunt Less For More Success – The secret to hunting mature whitetails


By Chris Neville –


We’ve all heard the popular saying, “You can’t kill them from the couch.” It sounds enticing and is an easy way to motivate yourself to go hunting. However, for the average whitetail hunter like myself, who primarily hunts smaller parcels of land ranging from 5 to 30 acres, this catchy phrase can sometimes do more harm than good.

Various factors come into play when you’re not seeing mature bucks in the areas you hunt, but one of the most common culprits is hunting pressure. Every time you step into the field, whether you realize it or not, you exert a level of hunting pressure on the deer in that area. The more pressure you apply, the fewer deer you’ll encounter. Conversely, less pressure means more deer. This is even more pronounced when hunting small parcels and pursuing old, mature bucks, which is why I’ve adopted a hunt less for more success strategy. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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