A Fly Fishing Guide’s Best Tool Can Benefit Anyone Who Spends Time in the Outdoors


In Alaska things can go south real fast. Learn from an Alaskan Guide the one piece of gear that can save a bad day.

By Bryson Storie – Men’s Journal Pursuits Adventure

Shortly after I arrived at the Alaska lodge for my first season as a fly fishing guide, the head guide explained to me that “We don’t have a daily uniform or dress code, just don’t look like a slob, be cleaned up for dinner, and always carry a multi-tool.”

This Can Become a Fly Fisherman’s Best Friend

Years later, as I transitioned to another lodge, the absence of a mandatory multi-tool requirement didn’t stop me from continuing the practice of always having one on my belt. It had become an ingrained habit, a literal security blanket that had proven its worth countless times: from dislodging stubborn rocks wedged in jet motors to delicately removing deeply embedded fish hooks, helping start fires, taking apart a small engine, and saving a day of unproductive fly fishing by opening a bottle of wine. Its utility is limited only by the owner’s creativity. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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