Inline Spinners: How to Pick the Best Spinner for the Conditions


Here’s how to make sure you’re picking the perfect spinner

By: Joe Cermele – Outdoor Life

French angler Andre Meulnart invented the inline spinner in 1938 while working for a company called Manufacturier d’Engins de Precision pour Peches Sportives. You probably know the brand by its acronym—Mepps. The Mepps spinner is still one of the most popular and widely sold lures of all time, mostly because it’s so versatile. 

Today there’s a plethora of inline spinners on the market made by many brands, and they’ll catch almost any freshwater predator species that swims. Perhaps most appealing, anglers of any skill level can use one effectively. There’s no finesse tactics or nuance; just cast, reel, and hold on. But just because these lures are simple to use doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. A basic understanding of their design and components will help you select the best inline spinner for the conditions you’re fishing and the species you’re chasing. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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