Aero Precision SOLUS Hunter Rifle, Tested and Reviewed


The new SOLUS Hunter is one of the smoothest-operating and most accurate rifles we’ve tested. Here is our full review

IMAGE: Sabastian “Bat” Mann

By Richard Mann / Field & Stream

If you’re not that into Modern Sporting Rifles, you may have never heard of Aero Precision. And as you might guess by the name, there’s more to the story here than just guns. The company has a background in aerospace engineering, and the parts and complete lower and upper receivers they manufacture for gas-operated guns like the AR-15 and AR-10 are highly respected. But even if you are into MSRs, you still may not yet have heard about Aero Precision’s new bolt-action SOLUS Hunter Rifle. I hadn’t until just a few months ago.

So, I called on in and then spent days shooting and testing it. What I found was a very smooth-operating rifle that shot a smaller five-shot group than every other rifle in our 2023 rifle test. That was a pretty good start, but let’s take a closer look SOLUS Hunter, top to bottom. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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