Building a rod arsenal for bass fishing

IMAGE: Bassmaster

By Shaye Baker / Bassmaster

Bassmaster Opens EQ Pro Joey Nania has been fishing competitively nearly all his life. The two-time Opens champion is also a two-time Junior Bassmaster World Champion, having garnered his first two titles before leaving high school. His Open wins are more recent — 2021 on Pickwick Lake in Alabama and 2023 on Oklahoma’s Lake Eufaula. 

When it comes to rod selection, Nania knows the importance of having a well-balanced and extensive bass fishing arsenal. So we decided to pick his brain for tips on how to build one for ourselves. 

“You look at the deck of my boat and you see 15 different rods,” said Nania. “They all have different backbones and different powers. There are some rods that are super versatile and multipurpose. But fishing rods are tools, and they’re all designed for a different job.” CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

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