The Best Advice For Beating Cold Feet


Nothing can kill a cold-weather whitetail hunt quicker than frozen feet. Follow these gear tips to keep your toes warm in even the gnarliest winter weather.

Cold feet are a late-season deer hunter’s worst nightmare. However, a quality pair of boots can prevent Mother Nature’s worst from cutting winter hunts short. Photo courtesy of LaCrosse

By Clint McCoy, DVM / North American Whitetail

I have talked to many deer hunters from all over the map about staying warm in a cold deer stand, and one underlying topic comes up with predictable frequency: cold feet. With today’s wool blends in base layers and highly insulative outerwear, keeping the body warm is a straightforward concept. Keeping your hands warm in subfreezing temperatures can be tricky, but with handwarmers, waist belt hand muffs and proper gloves, frozen fingers can be easily mitigated.

Toes and feet pose a unique challenge, however. I’ll be the first to admit, I can hack cold temperatures and have come to prefer frigid conditions for deer hunting, but if my feet go numb from the cold, my stand time goes south in a hurry. If my toes go numb, I can tough it out for a while; but if they get painful from the cold, my mind is on the uncomfortable bricks of ice inside my boots and not on tagging a mature buck! CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY

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