How to Fly Fish: Three Essential Techniques For the Beginner


Master these three basics, and build a solid fly fishing foundation.

By Ken Baldwin / Men’s Journal

When first starting out learning how to fly fish, it is best to keep things basic and not get overwhelmed with too much information. Fly fishing is like that proverbial onion with layers that can continuously be peeled off. Start simple, master the basics, and provide yourself with a solid foundation to build upon.

The 3 Basic Fly Fishing Techniques for Catching Fish

1. Fishing on the water’s surface. This involves using a “Dry Fly” or an “Artificial” that floats. The dry fly usually mimics an insect that is on the surface of the water. An “artificial” can mimic a mouse, a bird, lizard, snake, any type of animal that might end up in the water and presents itself on the surface.  CONTINUE READING ARTICLE

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