How To Stay Warm When Temperatures Drop Down


The late season is a great time to target trophy whitetails. However, you need to be prepared to handle harsh conditions if you want to fill your tag.

By Jace Bauserman / North American Whitetail

My winter whitetail learning curve was a long one. I skimped on top-tier cold-weather hunt gear for years, and this mindset cost me meat in the freezer and antlers on the wall.

Part of the reason I went with lesser clothing was money. The sticker shock of the top-end base and outer layers caused my jaw to drop. My poor choice-making resulted in less time in the field and two cases of frostbite. Don’t be me!

Now, I get the opportunity each year to test the best cold-weather gear made for hunters, and I can promise you it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on if you chase cold-weather whitetails. Nothing is worse than being cold and uncomfortable in the field. You can comfortably withstand Mother Nature’s worst with proper clothing and a next-level layering system.

As a hunter, time in the woods is your best recipe for success. When cold weather rattles your bones and sends you scurrying for the truck, you miss opportunities. CONTINUE READING

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