The Beginner’s Guide to Surf Fishing


Learn the basics of catching striped bass, bluefish, and redfish in the waves

By Joe Cermele / Field & Stream

Standing on the shore of a big lake or reservoir with a rod in your hand can be daunting. Still, the fish within that body of water are confined. The same can’t be said of the Atlantic Ocean. Catching a fish with your feet planted on the sand is one of angling’s biggest challenges, but when you’re successful, it’s also extremely rewarding. Brute fighters like bluefish, redfish, and striped bass have been pulling surf fishing anglers to the beaches from Florida to Maine for decades, and despite having better gear and intel than surf casters from bygone eras, connecting with these fish in the waves still takes patience and dedication.

That should not deter you, however, from getting into surf fishing. Over the years I’ve found that taking the initial leap is the most difficult part for many people, as the task just seems too overwhelming. It’s not. With a basic understanding of the tools you need and some insight into what to look for and when to hit the sand, you’ll be beaching your first fish in no time. Here’s a base level breakdown of what you need to know to get started surf fishing for blues, stripers, and reds—and I promise it’ll only take catching one fish to give you the drive to become a true surf “sharpie.” KEEP READING

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