The Tippet Ring Debate

IMAGE: Jerry Reitz

By Jerry Reitz – Tenkara Angler

The continuing debate (maybe only mine) surrounding the use of tippet rings continues to stir discussion within both the tenkara and Western fly fishing communities. Beyond considerations of brand and cost, the influence of these rings on tippet and line breakage is a multifaceted topic, considering factors like smoothness, sharpness, strength, and overall performance.

Throughout my exploration of various brands, I’ve noted only subtle differences, with the quality of the metal proving not to be a significant variable. Catch frequency, water conditions, water quality, size of fish, stream bed types, and the targeted fish species I believe play a more crucial role in the degradation of tippet ring edges, ultimately leading to premature tippet and line breakage.

Despite claims made by many different manufacturers, microscopic analyses consistently reveal edge degradation in almost all the tippet rings I have sampled after use.  To minimize the risk of tippet and line breakage and potential losses, I’ve implemented strategic measures. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

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