By Heath Wood / ScentLok

Being a part of the hunting community offers a multitude of benefits, with one of the most significant being the sense of camaraderie and the valuable industry partnerships that enhance the hunting experience. In a recent conversation with Nathan Huizenga, the Marketing Partnership Manager at HuntWise, the importance of these partnerships, particularly with companies like HuntWise and ScentLok, became abundantly clear. “When HuntWise came into existence, we recognized the fundamental need for hunters to have access to crucial information regarding when and where to hunt,” Huizenga emphasized. He explained, “We initiated a gear program exclusively for our valued subscribers, providing them exclusive industry discounts on their favorite hunting equipment.” As the discussion continued, it became evident that the right gear is essential for hunters to make the most of their time afield. Through these industry partnerships and the discounts available to their subscribers, HuntWise aims to ensure that the savings derived from these benefits not only enhance the hunting experience but also help offset the initial subscription cost. CONTINUE READING

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